How to Buy Bitcoins and other Crypto in the UK

Has Bitcoin truly turned the corner? Are we on the verge of the next Bitcoin boom? At the beginning of 2019 the price was $3778 and by the end of May it had reached $8706. This represent 5 months of steady growth in the price which more than doubled in 6 months. By the end of June 2019 further significant increases have pushed the price beyone the $11,000 dollar mark (approx £8500)

Buying bitcoins is the speculative investment that has been making a lot of people serious money. For several years people have been saying that it is a bubble ready to burst. They said that when the price was $100, then $1000 and then $ 5000. In December 2017 the price reached the $20,000 mark in some markets. Subsequently the doom mongers appeared correct with the price scaling back to around £5000 to £6000. This is still a healthy profit though for the early adopters. Now itowards the end of 2020 we are seeing another massive rise in Bitcoin price with prices starting to get close to record highs at over £13,000

So how do you get in on the action and buy bitcoins in the UK?

In theory there are two simple steps:

Step 1 – Set up a bitcoin wallet A bitcoin wallet is simply where you hold your bitcoins. There are several options – you can use an app on your phone as a wallet, you can use your computer as a wallet, you can use a specialist website for your wallet or, the most secure option you can have a hardware wallet – a glorified usb stick! There is no shortage of wallets, but one of the biggest and most popular online is The website is fairly easy to use and there is also an easy to use mobile app. Alternatively you

Blockchain has good security steps to make sure your bitcoins are as safe as they can be. Signup is easy but the verification process can be a tad  irritating. A great alternative wallet is Exodus which is easy to set up, secure and one of the most popular wallets.


Step 2 – Find a broker or exchange. Once you’ve got your wallet, you’re ready to add some bitcoins to it. As of the time of writing, one bitcoin is worth over £12000,but you don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin! Theoretically it is possible to buy 0.001 of a bitcoin. To do this you need to find a broker. Blockchain links direct to Coinify but we found this was not great for buying bitcoins in the UK. Coinify is based in Denmark and so your currency needs to be converted to Danish Krone for which your bank will probably charge a fee!

We chose to buy through Bittylicious – they act as an intermediary between you and the seller. You make your trade, enter the code for the wallet that you wish to use to store your bitcoins and then go to your online banking and make a transfer with the details they provide. Your bitcoins are usually in your wallet within ½ an hour. We found it very easy to use.


One of the most popular exchanges is Coinbase which is ideal for UK users. As well as being able to buy crypto on the excange you can convert to other cryptos for free and store your coins in the secure Coinbase wallet.


What are the pitfalls of buying Bitcoins?

There are several potential problems – security, the danger of a price collapse and the fact that buying can seem daunting. The signup process for your wallet and for your chosen marketplace are fairly straightforward but you need to be prepared for a delay in setting up your account while you upload your identity documents and you wait for them to be approved. Although some providers boast “instant signup” in reality there is a delay in your documents being approved. So don’t expect to be trading bitcoins within a few minutes of initiating the process. NUMBER ONE TIP for buying UK bitcoins is to make sure that the seller accepts transfers in UK pounds from a UK bank account. Alternatively use this workaround using Revolut.

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