How to buy NuCypher coins in the UK

NuCypher has been recently accepted on the Coinbase Pro exchange and so is an ideal coin to trade if you are a UK based altcoin trader.


So what is NuCypher and why would you want to buy it?

Quite simply Nucypher is a ethereum coin that can be staked. The purpose of NuCypher is to help shield enterprise clients’ data from unauorthosied access by third parties. It utilises a bring-your-own-key (BYOK) model, meaning that private keys never leave the enterprise to ensure maximum security and minimal opportunity for 3rd party access. When working with directories and files, each file and directory is encrypted under its own secret key.

What are the prospects for NuCypher?

There are literally thousands of alt coins, each offering their own unique proposition. There are two main criteria for success. The first is whether it does what it says and can attract sufficient users for its core use proposition. The second is how well the coin performs in the marketplace. Buying and selling NuCypher coins has become a whole lot easier thanks to it’s inclusion in the range of coins that can be bought and sold on Coinbase. From its launch in August to its listing on Coinbase the coin has gone from strength to strength In the week that straddled the end of November and the beginning of December 2020, the price on Coinbase had increased by 358% from around 5p to over 21p per coin.