Lost your UK passport in Athens Greece?

What to do if you lose your passport in Athens Greece
Here’s a definitive guide as to what to do if you lose your passport in Athens. It’s based on my own experience. First make sure it is actually lost or stolen, not temporarily mislaid. To be able to travel back to the UK you will neeed to get areplacement travel document from the British Embassy. First step is to ring them. Keep persevering if you cant get through. Expalin your predicament to them. They will probably ask you for details such as name and address and if you know your passport number that will be really handy!!! They will then be able to confirm if you are able to get a temporary passport.
How long do I have to wait for a temporary passport?
You need to go the British Embassy in Athens. There was no one else there for passports when I was there. i was the only memebr of the public there. I went on a monday morning at 8.30. They said i needed to arrive at (.00 but they saw me as soon as I arrived. I turned up early in case there was a queue. No queue at all (although December is not exactly a busy tourist month).
In total the process took about 2 hours. I had come prepred with replacement passport photo, details of my flight and the police report that the old passport was lost or stolen.
So you go through security (very courteous) and up to 1st floor. There you have some paper work to fill out and if all is ok you make payment.
How much does an emergency replacement passport cost?
The cost for an emergency passport is 120 Euros as at 2016.
After you have made payment they process your application. This takes around 1.5 – 2 hours. you may as well go and sit in one of the nearby park areas while you wait!
Your emergency passport is not a replacement. It just entitles you to travel on the day you specify.
What do I need to get an emergency passport?
You need 4 main things:
Proof in the form of a police report that your pasport is lost or stolen
Proof of your travel details eg flight boarding pass or booking confirmation
A standard UK compliant passport photo
Means to pay 120 Euros ( cash or credit card)
How do I get to the British Embassy in Athens? The embassy is just two minutes walk from Evangelismos station. The station is 40 minutes on a direct line to Athens airport.