Psyche Coin

With increasing prices of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, people are looking again at the numerous new alt coins that are coming to the table. Each one is aiming to offer the solution to some problem or another. However the problem with many of these new coins is that there is a built in belief in people’s minds that they are going to be complicated to use. If you are looking to get in at the ground floor level, one of the newest coins is Psyche.

Psyche describes itself as the future of decentralised finance. The aim is to turn the crypto world upside down by bringing together cryptocurrency with user-friendly technology in order to enable non-crypto enthusiasts to be able to use cryptocurrency in a totally user-friendly way. With people becoming more and more confident at usingĀ  online resources and apps to do their transactions we are steadily moving towards the days when cryptocurrencies will be moving to the mainstream. Almost everyone these days does online banking and is able to use their phone to make bank transfers and purchases at online stores such as Ebay and Amazon.

Cryptocurrencies are still regarded with some degree of suspicion and people think that they will be complicated to use. Psyche wants to do away with this problem by making everything totally user friendly. The alt coin was named after a valuable Asteroid, and Psyche Coin is aimed at being a stable currency. The face value is $1 (#USD1) per coin. Accurate exchange prices are a feature of this particular coin which is based on a specially designed RefleX Algorithm. Quite simply Psyche Coin is designed to be the simplest way for people with no technical background to be able to use crypto currency with all the associated benefits that come with that.

One of the key features of the coin is its stability. It is not subject to wildly fluctuating market conditions. This stability gives peace of mind to the user. There are no transaction charges with Psyche, nor foreign transaction fees or losses and no hefty commission fees. The team behind Psyche believe that this is an ideal combination that will allay the fears of non- expert users of the coin. Decentralised finance is the future of worldwide finance and #psycheusd are aiming ambitiously at being at the very forefront of the revolution.

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With Covid19 we have seen an even greater shift away from people using cash and cheques for payments with more and more shops asking people to use contactless payment options where possible. Psychologically this will undoubtedly cause momentum towards other digital payment methods such as using the USD1 stable coin developed by Psyche.

To participate in the launch of the Psyche coin visit There is an initial allocation of 100,000 tokens in the initial sale which is live as of November 2020.

Psyche Coin